FEDECRAIL Youth Exchange

Since 2007 FEDECRAIL organizes in cooperation with one of its local members an international youth exchange called "FEDECRAIL Youth Camp" to enable young people from museum railays and railway museums in Europe to come together and learn how in other countries the railway heritage is preserved and to foster intercultural understanding and networking between heritage railways throughout Europe. Each year a different country host the Youth Camp.

All young people who are member of a heritage railway society and who aged between 16 and 25 years are invited to attend (participants under 18 will need a Parental Permission). The duration of the Youth Camp is about ten days and the camp takes place during August when in most of the countries are summer holidays. Typically there are about 25 places available, which are inteded to be split evenly between the contries paritcipating if the number of places is exceeded (which never happened so far). The main language at the Youth Camp is English. Therefore at least one English speaking person shall be in the praticipating group from a country.

Below there will be more information about the upcoming Youth Camp:

Invitation to the 12th Fedecrail Youth Exchange 2018 - SWEDEN

FEDECRAIL together with MUMA (Museum tramway Malmköping) and ULJ (Uppsala-Länna-Railway) would like to invite you to the 12th Youth Exchange in Sweden from Friday 3rd August to Sunday 12th August. The meeting will start at ULJ railway in Uppsala. The city is located north of Stockholm. It takes just under one hour by train to travel between the cities.

Arrival point on Friday 3th August will be Uppsala central station. It is recommended to fly to the airport of Arlanda (ARN) and to take from there the train to Uppsala. The train ride takes a maximum of 20 minutes. There are also buses available from the airport, which are cheaper but take longer.

The base for the youth exchange will be Uppsala for the first four or five days. Then the camp will move to MUMA, a tramway museum situated in a small town called Malmköping, southwest of Stockholm. The meeting will end in Malmköping on Sunday 12th August. (More information about the departure will be given later.) The price for participating in 2018 in Sweden is 180 euro. It is important that the youth exchange is paid in full before arrival.

Overall, we are looking forward to living and enjoying these 10 days together, which will be full of new experiences, as we have done in previous years in other European countries!

1st May is the last day for registration for the camp. Send an email to youthexchange@fedecrail.org for more information or to register.


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